With everything going on around Diwali, it becomes easy to lose perspective when you are buying gifts. For corporate gifting, it is essential that you choose the right gifts. After all, you do not want people to find your gifts less than acceptable. There are several kinds of gift items for Diwali that are not at all useful in any way. These gifts usually end up being relegated to the store room or even re-gifted.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid with Diwali gifts can be helpful. A company will certainly not want any faux pas when it comes to gifting. Here are the top 5 mistakes you should be avoiding when you are giving Diwali gifts.

Keep In Mind the Things to Avoid

While a range of items can be gifted during Diwali, the fact is that there are a few things which are considered to be inauspicious. For example, you should never gift any item that is black in color. This color is highly unfavorable during Diwali. In a similar manner, you should never gift any item made out of gold and silver. Silk, as a gift, is also to be avoided. Foods containing non-vegetarian ingredients such as eggs are to be avoided as well.

Choose Something Worthwhile

When you are gifting your employees on diwali, choose something that they will actually find useful. Often, companies end up giving gifts like mugs and mementos that serve no purpose whatsoever. These are simply gifts that people will never end up using. As such, place a lot of thought into your gift.

It is not necessary for you to spend a lot to get good and usable items for gifting. There are several inexpensive options in the market these days. For example, customized chocolates are a better option compared to personalized mementos. At the very least, you can offer a box of sweets or dry fruit.

Avoid the Hype

Every year, there are items which are claimed as the best possible Diwali gifts. You need to remember that these are simply marketing stunts. Most of these items, while useful, may not actually be wanted by your employees. Avoid the hype and think about items that your office staff will love. One way to avoid the hype is by completing your shopping early. The more you delay your purchases, the easier it becomes to fall prey to marketing hype.

Avoid Overspending

It is easy to end up spending a lot on Diwali gifts for office staff. Take special care to avoid it. Determine a budget and stick to it. Remember that you can find great gifts at reduced prices.

Focus on the Recipient

Many companies end up forgetting that Diwali gifts are about celebrating the effort of your employees. This should not be the case. Remember to choose gifts based on the wants of your employees and your own wishes.

These are the most common mistakes made by companies when it comes to selecting Diwali gifts for their employees. If you can avoid them, you are sure to help your employees have a great Diwali.